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    Aug 5th
    Program Staff Learning Network Virtual Meeting
    Grantmaker, Philanthropic Advisor

    This is a meeting about philanthropic approaches to racial justice and racial equity. This will be a space to learn from one another, starting with a panel of your peers sharing what their foundations have always been doing; are newly doing; or are thinking about doing in an effort to working...

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    Aug 6th
    Lowell Funders' Network Meeting
    Grantmaker, Philanthropic Advisor

    At this annual gathering, we will discuss local strategies and efforts to address racial and ethnic inequities related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the public education system.

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    佛跳墙:2021-5-22 · 佛跳墙
    Consultant, Grantseeker, laddervnp安装包安卓

    Join Philanthropy Massachusetts as we welcome a panel of funders to discuss general operating support grants. We’ll learn about the specifics of each of these foundations. Then we’ll hear their feedback on how to make a strong and compelling case for a general operating proposal, how and if...

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    Aug 14th
    Grantmakers of Color Virtual Lunch
    Grantmaker, Philanthropic Advisor

    We are beginning to convene this Grantmakers of Color network more more frequently. We invite both Philanthropy Massachusetts' Grantmakers of Color Network and Rhode Island's newer Network to come back together to check in and support each other, share experiences, and discuss ideas via...

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    July 22nd, 2020
    Report outlines challenges, lessons learned in funding systems change
    Source: Philanthropy News Digest
    A common challenge for funders supporting systems change is striking the right balance between recognizing a system's complexity and dynamism and simplifying it enough to fit into grantmaking processes and facilitate program planning, a report from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors finds.  More »
    July 6th, 2020
    New Commonwealth Racial Equity and Social Justice Fund
    Source: The Boston Foundation
    The New Commonwealth Racial Equity and Social Justice Fund was founded by a coalition of Massachusetts Black and Brown executives for the sole purpose of leveraging our individual and collective power to work together with community organizations to make transformative societal changes by... More »
    June 25th, 2020
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    Source: San Francisco Chronicle
    As the country reels from COVID-19, it’s clear that there’s never been a greater need for philanthropy. More »
    June 19th, 2020
    Eric Esteves, Director of Lenny Zakim Fund, Gives Thanks and Hope
    Source: The Boston Globe
    Grateful for our community organizations, coming together for change: I am thankful for what feels like a tipping point, and am hopeful for the future, writes the executive director of the Lenny Zakim Fund. More »


    • Networking:

    Connect with over 1800 individuals at hundreds of organizations in Philanthropy and the Nonprofit sector in Massachusetts and surrounding areas.

    • Resources and Research:

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    • Learning Opportunities:

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